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Video Microscope Unit VMU Series


The VMU is a compact, lightweight and easy-to-install microscope unit for CCD camera monitoring in semiconductor fabrication facilities.
The VMU offers you the following benefits:

  • The optical system features ultra-long working distance objectives and correction for the wide range of radiation wavelengths in use.
  • Reflected illumination keeps your workpiece free from thermal expansion (the fibreoptic illuminator is required.)
  • Also available with a laser mount or turret (objective mount).
  • The objective is optional.
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The WIDE VMU series takes video microscopy to the next level with a 7 times bigger field of view than conventional models. It supports both bright field and dark field observation.

The WIDE VMU offers the following benefits:

  • Supported sensor size of 2-inch-equivalent, APS-C format
  • Image field of ø30 mm with 1X tube lens
  • Both F-mount and C-mount cameras can be mounted
  • Bright field (BF) observations are supported by the WIDE VMU-V and -H models ,
  • Bright field/Dark field (BD) observations are supported by the WIDE VMU-BDV and -BDH models
  • With the flexible orientation for camera and  illumination mounting very compact arrangements can be configured.
  • The objective is optional.