Measuring Projector PJ-H30 Series

This measuring projector has adjustable incident illumination.
The PJ-H30 offers you the following benefits:
  • By rotating the condenser lens and changing the angle of the mirror in the objective, you can represent even poorly reflecting surfaces optimally.
  • Improved light intensity of a projected subject thanks to the new optical contour illumination system.
  • High measuring accuracy (above JIS standard).
  • Measuring stage with rapid single-handed adjustment on both axes enabling you to switch smoothly between quick positioning and fine adjustment.
  • Constant current power supply unit with acceleration control to maximize the service life of the halogen lamp.
  • Easily read digital counter with large digit display.
  • The PJ-H30D models also offer you a built-in precision edge detector (Optoeye).
  • RS-232C output.