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ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicators Max/Min/RANGE ID-C


This indicator is the MAX/MIN/RANGE value holding function model

It offers the following benefits:

  • The MAX/MIN/RANGE (run-out value) can be measured
  • A fast measurement frequency mode(detection cycle 20 ms or 50 times/s) is selectable to measure in the peak detection mode (MAX/MIN/RANGE) more reliably
  • Easy indicator setup via a setup menu
  • Analogue bar graph in the display (12 different scales switchable)  
  • GO/±NG tolerance judgement function
  • This indicator enables the use of a calculation function for the measured value Ax
  • Coefficient A is freely definable and x = displacement of the plunger
  • A USB interface box can be used to set up the indicator from PC via dedicated software