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CMM Probes

Ultra-high speed data collection
SurfaceMeasure is a laser probe that collects coordinate values of the surface of the workpiece by moving and irradiating laser light over the workpiece.

Advantages of non-contact type
Non-contact measurement enables measurement of materials that can be easily-deformed by contact measurement, including resin or thin, elastic parts.

Powder-less measurement
Automatic configuration of the camera sensitivity and the laser intensity settings according to the environment and materials enable establishing a simple and comfortable laser-scanning environment since measurement is now powder and spray free.

Evaluation cases
The collected point cloud data can be used by various optional software in a wide range of applications, such as editing, plane creation, comparison using CAD data and

Rapid tactile measurements at any probe angle

  • Head touch for improved repeatability
  • Feature-based calibration for improved accuracy
  • Automatic stylus change with TP20 modules and optional TCR20 change rack
  • Allowing subsequent measurement at any head angle
  • Full support in MCOSMOS and MiCAT Planner
  • 5-axis control on CMM’s with UC400 / 480 controller and PHC20 interface

5-axis measurement technology

  • Rapid scanning at any angle
  • Dynamic 2-axis head provides most of the stylus motion
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Scanning with 5-axes of simultaneous motion allows unparalleled measurement flexibility
  • ‘Head-touches’ take measurement points faster, with improved accuracy and repeatability
  • 5-axis motion eliminates time spent indexing the head
  • Supports stylus lengths up to 500 mm
Scanning probes can acquire several hundred surface points each second, enabling measurement of form as well as size and position.
Scanning probes can also be used to acquire discrete points in a similar way to touch-trigger probes.
A range of solutions is available, suitable for all sizes and configurations of CMM.