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Series 963

These are four economical Rockwell hardness testing machines to suit practically every application you need.
The Rockwell HR-200/300/400 offers you the following benefits:
  • The newly designed frame provides maximum clearance for positioning the work piece, all you need is a flat table for mounting these testing machines.
  • They are very simple to operate: the analogue type HR-210 uses an automatic presetting dial gauge.
  • Digital models HR-430MR/MS use automatic steering wheel braking and load sequencing for easy handling.
  • Digital models HR-320MS and HR-430MR/MS can use our Digimatic Mini-processor (DP-1VR) for printing results, and you can use an input tool (USB-ITN-E) to connect to a PC for data transfer, analysis and storage.
  • You can perform Brinell hardness tests by using the following optional accessories:
    a Brinell indenter, a weight set and a measurement microscope.
Suggested retail price: 5,101.00*
Suggested retail price: 7,879.00*
Suggested retail price: 8,713.00*
Suggested retail price: 9,897.00*
*VAT excluded. All products are intended to be sold to commercial customers.