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Series 810

The HR-530 series offers five different hardness testing methods: Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial, Brinell, Brinell Depth Measurement and Plastic Testing in a single unit.

This makes it a versatile tool ready to tackle tasks in production, goods inwards inspection and quality control in general.

  • A real time electronic test force control system is built into the compact body along with an electronic force gage. The test force control prevents the system from applying too much test force at the point of reaching total testforce.
  • Real time force control provides accurate test force generation and stable time cycle sequences conform to ISO standards.
  • The serial measurement mode enables fast execution of a high numbers of tests on identical workpieces.
  • A magnet brake system stops the spindle movement immediately at sensing of workpiece contact. This enables the HR-530 to perform semi automatic test sequences, eliminating the user influence.
  • The lever indenter arm design enables not only interior and exterior measurements but also an excellent specimen surface overview. The functionality is furthermore enhanced by an LED workroom illumination.
  • The intelligent lever arm design allows testing at inside positions without cutting the specimen. The minimum diameter that can be entered by the lever arm with the standard size diamond indenter is 35.0 mm.
  • The optional short type diamond indenter (Part No. 63DIA007) additionally enables inside testing from Ø22 mm.
  • HR-530L long type with an optional max. specimen height of 395 mm.
  • Indenters, test blocks and power cord are not included in the scope of delivery and have to be ordered separately.
Suggested retail price: 10,757.00*
Suggested retail price: 13,408.00*
*VAT excluded. All products are intended to be sold to commercial customers.