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The Mitutoyo TAGLENS
Ultra-deep-focus eliminates the most important conventional lens limitation. In optical inspection of three-dimensional targets the complicating factors of variable distance, inclination and movement inevitably result in some surfaces being out of focus in every image captured, which has always been the major issue with conventional lenses.

The Mitutoyo TAGLENS  – an acronym for “Tunable Acoustic Index Gradient” – varies the focal length of an optical system with a frequency of 70 kHz. 
It does not require any mechanical power to control the focal distance. A standing wave generated by piezo signals triggers continuous and ultra-fast adaptations of focus. This way, the Mitutoyo varifocal TAGLENS enhances the depth of focus of conventional lenses by a factor of 10-20, enabling fast inspection of objects at a varying distance caused by inclination, positioning tolerances or elevation profiles – all without any mechanical movements in real-time and at an outstanding optical quality.


  • Real-time all-focused-images are obtained by scanning the focal length range at high speed. TAGLENS requires absolutely no mechanical power when scanning, and is characterized by its ability to provide images across all focal lengths without stress, and at the desired magnification and resolving power.
  • TAGLENS does not require a mechanical auto focus. TAGLENS reduces the time consumed for auto-focusing, contributing to the improvement of the data processing speed of the inspection device.