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M2 Software for Measuring Microscopes

Quick and easy measuring, with the innovative M2 software

Spend more time measuring and less time reading manuals thanks to the M2 software’s
straightforward and easy to operate user interface. Thanks to the familiar use of a touch screen,
the M2 software can be quickly integrated into your process and drastically improve work efficiency.
  • The M2 software interface is available for use in both portrait and landscape mode, providing maximum flexibility for the display or mounting device of your choosing
  • Gain access to many powerful features and an intuitive measuring interface whether you are using an optical edge equipped system or an externally generated crosshair device. Precise optical edge detection mechanisms provide accurate results as well as access to powerful, industrial grade, measurement functionality

Digimatic interface
Цена продажи: 1 543,00*
Data processing software
Цена продажи: 1 728,00*
Intel Celeron N4500/8GB/256GB SSD/W11Pro/15.6" Touch screen
Intel Celeron N4500/8GB/256GB SSD/W11Pro/15.6" Touch screen
Цена продажи: 889,00*
*VAT excluded. All products are intended to be sold to commercial customers.